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The Business World is Changing Fast. Can Your Limited Resources Keep Up with All the High-Tier Needs of Today’s Competitive Landscape?

At Callboxs, we firmly believe that technology and people, when combined, can drastically bring positive changes that can move businesses to the NEXT stage of development.


We Get It, Relying on Third-Party Services for Your Business Related Operations and Functions Involves Risk

We hear it more often than most businesses have been „burned“ by handing over their vital functions to poor BPO companies.

We promise that you’ll NEVER feel unsafe or worried about your outsourcing-related insecurities. That’s because we work with you to mitigate any risks involved in the outsourcing process so that you make the most out of what perks outsourcing has to offer.


Our Goal is to Assist Our Customers Focus On Their Core Businesses, Optimize Their Costs and Improve Their Quality of Service.

Callboxs is a leading BPO company that performs various functions for companies, saving them money and allowing them to focus on their core competencies. These services include customer service, sales, collections, information technology support, finance and accounting, and human resources.

We have the widest range of outsourcing services and have a lot of potential to grow more in this domain.

The BPO services in the US are an integral part of outsourcing. The business process outsourcing (BPO) services, like Callboxs,  are the ones that help companies cut costs, improve operational efficiency, and reduce overall operating expenses. Businesses can outsource their back-office operations like call centers, digital marketing, sales and accounts processing, etc., and can let our professionals handle them for you.


The BENEFITS of Availing of BPO Outsourcing Services

The benefits of outsourcing these services are numerous. For example:

  • Outsourcing allows companies to expand into new markets more efficiently
  • Reduce labor costs and risks associated with hiring new employees
  • Increase profits by making the most of unused time of current employees while ensuring high-quality work is completed
  • Gain access to well-trained talent in a way that would be difficult or costly if they sought out talent themselves.

We’re eager to explore the possibilities of BPO services in the US. We know that your company is open to these conversations, and we are ready to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.


The BPO Industry Is Growing. So Should Your Business!

The US boasts an extensive business-process outsourcing (BPO) industry, with over 249,160 US-based BPO businesses.

In the US, BPO is a $56.0 billion industry right now. That’s why we decided to tap into the potential of the BPO industry and make an online directory of BPO services available for companies in the US. We make it easy for you to find the best possible service for your needs!

If you’re a business looking for help with your accounting, bookkeeping, telemarketing, and payroll needs, Callboxs is the right place for you.

While we’ve been a leader in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry for over 20 years, our services are continuously evolving to meet the demands of today’s businesses. Initially, we have been offering BPO call center services and have nailed the industry with our top-notch call center outsourcing services. We’ve recently expanded our services by specializing in direct sales on the phone and providing BPO-Business Process Outsourcing and KPO.

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What Differentiates Callboxs from Other Competitors?

  • Our pricing is highly competitive …definitely the VALUE for your money.
  • Our vast talent pool and a multitude of skill sets have solutions to all your business processes and for highly specialized roles.
  • When working with Callboxs you get high-quality services at a fraction of the price and without dealing with the fuss of training or hiring in-house employees.
  • We use a VAST number of BPO tools. Hence, we can complement projects of any complexity and scale.
  • Our BPO services are based on an individual approach.
  • We can increase your sales up to 80% through customer satisfaction.
  • We have a flexible business model to offer you business growth quickly.


6 Trends In BPO Business Process Outsourcing That Have Made Hiring BPOs a Surefire Way To Achieve Success (And, Why You Too Should Hire One?)

Wondering why your company should collaborate with a BPO business like Callboxs? Here we are boiling down the seven major trends that are happening right now in the BPO industry.

New Technologies

The HUGE jump in the BPO industry that empowers you to hire BPOs for your business is the emergence of new technologies (such as time management software and cloud computing) that authorize you to manage your BPOs remotely.

Back then, when cloud computing wasn’t a readily available option, you needed a complete database to work. You needed those complicated servers to keep your system up and to run. And, those servers would eat away a good chunk from your businesses’ revenue. Now, those servers are much cheaper than they were before and access to the database is much easier than before. Thanks to cloud computing!

Multi-Tasking for Overcoming Different Industry Skills Shortages

BPOs have a broad spectrum of expertise under their belt. They can do HR, Accounting, Front-end Office Work, Back-end Office Work, and you name it!

BPOs are multi-faceted business models. Hence, they can efficiently multitask and offer so many opportunities to businesses to take advantage of their services. And most of the companies are turning their heads to BPOs because they are much more cost-effective than many brick-and-mortar organizations.

Startups Are Now Becoming BPOs.

Now, this is new…

Startups are usually related to technology, but now the startups are much more focused on the BPO business industry. Better yet, they are using the startup model to apply it to BPOs.

Increased Transparency.

With the latest technologies, transparency has become a top-tier factor and a significant contributing factor in developing that much-needed layer of trust in BPOs and businesses they have been collaborating with.


Several outsourcing zones are turning into BPO outsourcing hubs and becoming markets for specified BPO niches.

Lots of New Markets are Being Developed in Regards of the Specificity

Multiple BPO markets globally are developing their niches inside the BPO industry, including Bulgaria, Romania, and Ukraine.



54% of All Businesses Use Third-Party Support Teams to Connect with Their Customer…… And, 78% of Businesses Worldwide Feel Positive About Their Outsourcing Partners.You Too Deserve That Positive Feeling.

Want one provider to handle all your business process outsourcing services?


Feel optimistic about your BPO services, improve your customer’s satisfaction rate, and deliver the best customer service with Callboxs.

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