Who is the Tracker?

In the growth and development of the company, the whole structure goes through a series of crises, each of which may be its last. The tracker is a specialist in multiple business growth, working with the “bottlenecks” in the company. The task of the tracker is to build a process of rapid growth of profits through the development of management and entrepreneurial skills, work with key employees, processes and capital, together with the entrepreneur. All this is possible owing to the mastering of methodology and tools of tracking.

The tracker helps to adjust the unit economy of a business, to find new consumer segments, to start international sales and to make other changes that will lead to higher profits.

The effectiveness of the tracker is determined by the number of successfully implemented hypotheses, the rate of profit growth, the number of identified and eliminated bottlenecks in the business.

When is a tracker needed?

  • Something is not going on as planned.
  • If you plan to implement or launch a new product / service.
  • There is no sales growth.
  • When you need to quickly check the idea of ​​a product, project, startup, business
  • The project is not implemented.
  • The project has already spent a lot of money and you need to figure out what to do with it next.
  • The company has started or is already doing a spin-off project or several.
  • If you need to regularly consult about the development of the project.
  • When certain competencies are missing and you need to have them quickly.
  • When you need to assemble or restore a team.
  • When there are few resources (financial, temporary).
  • Before you make an investment decision.
  • When you have to deal with an existing portfolio of projects (who and how to speed up and who to close).

A tracker is a person who has mastered the company’s growth methodology. The efficiency of the tracker’s work is measured in the amount of changes that have occurred in the company after the start of this company’s work with the tracker. The tracker appears in the company to change the business model, identify weaknesses, create a plan and methodology for solving problems, diagnose the plan for strategic development of the company, start the first international sales, etc. The basic law of business is that business must be profitable, grow and develop. This is natural and correct. If this fails to happen, there is always for a reason. These restrictions need to be identified and removed.

At different stages, the limitations can be in: product value, production, sales, people, the strategy “we act on an outdated model” and others. Business is like a machine, it works the way it has been set up. If you want different results, then you have to act differently.

Why Trekking?

  • Systematic business analysis
    It is precisely in the process of tracking that the company receives a systematic analysis. The business depends on various factors: from the exchange rate to the psychological state of the owner. Therefore, it is necessary to make a comprehensive assessment. The tracker applies methodologies and tools from various fields – consultants, coaching, marketers, product managers, psychologists, economists, financiers, strategists and other professionals. At the same time, he does not waste time and effort on the mandatory official procedures for each of the areas.
  • Objective assessment
    When you are within the system, it is impossible to evaluate it adequately. Only an impartial external specialist will be able to identify blind spots and analyse the real state of the company.
  • Technological approach
    The operation of the tracker is an orderly, structured and multi-stage process that requires integrated skills and experience.
  • Breaking the template
    Decisions are made individually for each task. A template simply does not exist.
  • Clear separation
    Clear distinguishing and prioritization of tasks is the basis of any process. There are no other options.
  • The result
    The criterion for evaluating the work is always the result. The owner sets the goal. The tracker helps to reach it.

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