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Nowadays, there is a fairly rapid transition from an industrial economy to a knowledge economy. Increasingly accelerating technological progress is creating new business opportunities in the global world. Production efficiency depends on the quality of information, innovation, know-how, highly skilled workforce and this determines the use of a new direction – outsourcing knowledge management (KPO Knowledge Process Outsourcing).
Research shows that knowledge management outsourcing (KPO) offers economic benefits to the companies that use it. CPO allows organisations to assign various tasks from a relatively high level to third parties, regardless of their geographical location, to use expertise and skills completely or partially lacking in the company.

Outsourcing of major business activities which allow companies to be competitive are an integral part of the value chain of the company. The advantages such are: favourable business environment, availability of qualified specialists, together with high productivity and low cost of labour.

We at Callboxs would also like to emphasize the fact that outsourcing knowledge management (KPO) allows companies to reduce the time to market a new product or service, which allows for a faster response to changes in market conditions.

Research shows that the main factors for using KRO outsourcing are the reduction of total costs (on average from 10 to 15%), as well as the improvement of the quality of services, business processes and the possibility of entering new markets. It may also be noted that currently 75% of multinational corporations in the United States and Europe have switched to KPO outsourcing.

KPO facilitates the maximum use of resources at a much lower cost. Labour costs of highly qualified professionals are much higher in developed economies, so many foreign companies can reduce their costs by 40-50% if they use the KPO services which Callboxs offers.

Implementation of the outsourcing strategy for KPO implies a certain restructuring of the internal corporate processes and external relations of the company. KPO can be seen as an essential process for companies of all types of ownership and the size needed to be competitive in a rapidly changing business environment.

Basically, companies resort to KPO services when there is a shortage of qualified specialists in a certain field. In general, KPO saves time and resources, allowing you to focus more on your customers, encouraging the optimum use and allocation of company resources.

KPO processes are increasingly being considered by those companies that want to remain competitive in a rapidly changing business environment – marketing (PR, advertising); logistics; project management from the stage of development to the stages of implementation and realization; management of information systems and management of databases, etc.

KPO services of Callboxs help companies to significantly reduce their costs, increase their operating time and focus on their core function. For small enterprises in the development stage, we recommend the use of KPO services from the start.

Callboxs is a company positioned in Eastern Europe (Bulgaria) and offers highly qualified KPO services at European level. At the heart of all this is the availability of highly qualified personnel at a reasonable price for the services provided.

We offer KPO in the following areas:


Marketing and advertising

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Project management from the stage of development to the stages of performance and implementation

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Managing information systems and managing databases, etc.

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