Callboxs call centre is a company proven in the sphere of telemarketing, in the sphere of conducting direct marketing of goods or services to potential clients by telephone/chat/or by email, and most of all in direct sales. This is a dynamic practice for connection with future consumers of goods and services, most diverse in type, in the 21st century. Callboxs holds discussions for assessment and manifested interest towards a particular product or service, places further telephone calls for making the sale. In this case we use different methods for segmentation of large databases for distinguishing the approach to each one of the segments. The call centre conducts telemarketing not only for business clients, but also handles orders of non-profit organisations, charities, political parties and candidates, sociological agencies and others.

Why is the telemarketing service that we offer so important?

It can actually help different companies and organisations achieve better results in their specific activity in different ways. The most commonly used form of telemarketing in our call centre includes placed calls to citizens for raising the level of sales. However, active work is also being carried out for promoting events, political campaigns and for generating more complex sale procedures.

Callboxs uses telemarketing as an input method for stimulating clients to establish first contact in search for more information on a particular product or service or to make a certain purchase.

Each company or organisation interested in using this service provided by the call centre must first have a good knowledge of the product or service they wish to release on the market. This means not only providing the marketing team of Callboxs with information on the characteristics and specifications of the products or service, but providing clarity on the potential target audience, to which the campaign will be directed.

The call centre has a correct strategy constructed for work with certain demographic groups.

If our team is correctly informed and if we have been provided with market research, we work with clear goals on what the telemarketing campaign has to achieve. It can be directed towards increasing sales, generating new clients or simply gathering a special type of data which can be used in other sales and marketing campaigns.

The ultimate purpose is essential and detailed information guarantees its achievement 100 per cent.

The last stage of telemarketing campaigns depends on the goals set at the start. If the word is about direct sales, the last stage is the completion of sales. Irrespective of the goal of the company, the marketing team of Callboxs makes an analysis of the degree to which the campaign has achieved its goals and uses both collected data and the recorded live calls to determine the areas, in which the future activity of the specific company or organisation can be improved.

We guarantee:

  • Quality outgoing calls to potential and to existing clients
  • Active incoming calls: inquiries about products or services often instigated by commercials or advertisements or by successful sales
  • Gathering information about profiles, interests and demographic data on potential clients
  • Professionally summarised end results on the specific campaign

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