Incoming and outgoing calls

Our operators take incoming calls 24/7, 365 days per year. In the same way all outgoing calls are organised, too. At any time during the day or night operators are polite, competent and attentive to the needs of all clients. Owing to the hi-tech communication facilities, not a single call remains unanswered! The client cannot have any doubts as to the reliability of the company Callboxs.

The call centre operators answer not only questions on different topics but also advise, take orders from clients and, if necessary, redirect the call to an official with specific professional competences, if required.

The uses for any company that has chosen Callboxs are guaranteed:

  • You receive round-the-clock service;
  • Quick response to incoming and outgoing calls is guaranteed;
  • Professional attitude towards all clients;
  • Execution of a detailed statistic report on the dynamics of conversations: incoming and outgoing to the company, and information on each one of them (telephone number, result);
  • Available access to the conversations made, allowing to control the operators’ work in the call centre.

All this gives out our desire to meet the growing needs of an individual approach towards each individual business. Our goal is to help the rapid growth and expansion of the business and increase customer satisfaction of companies to justify the trust of each of you. We are happy with the success of our partners; their goal is our goal. We are happy to be able to contribute to its achievement!

The professional operators of Callboxs provide the required information in case of incoming and outgoing calls withiut any hesitation. They also take telephone orders for products and services and this has several proven advantages:

  • Raising the image of your company in the eyes of the clients;

  • Providing an opportunity for the client to place an order in a manner convenient to them;

  • Saving time for processing orders for connection with each client, irrespective of the business no matter how busy the telephone line is;

  • In case of lack of product/service, the operator will always offer an alternative.

With the assistance of our call centre you will have ready orders for goods and services without wasting time for their receipt and performance, which will significantly facilitate your business.

Hotline – make the most of this proposition of ours as well!

You cannot always answer clients’ calls? Our call centre will receive incoming and outgoing calls for you at any time during the day. We can offer several types of this service:

  • Receiving calls and holding personal meetings;

  • Consulatinon with subscribers;

  • “Help desk” mode;

  • Processing compalaints, proposals;

  • Assistance in using a product or a service, etc;

What are the uses from your work with Callboxs?

  • Quality conversations witnh incoming and outgoing calls increase the trust in your company and will decrease the costs for maintenance in it – you will not need to increase the number of your employees.

  • On the grounds of an outline of questions and answers which the operators follow, you will always have accurate information on a certain product, service or a specific type of company provided to you. This is also due to the psychological direction of the telephone conversation.

  • All operators in Callboxs have undergone special training in order for them to follow the necesary work algorhythms for incoming and outgoing calls. They have flawlessly mastered the technique for conducting highly qualified and expert remote communication, which is a prerequisite in this type of activity.

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