Technical support

Callboxs call centre provides technical support to its clients. It is an original service for individual companies, whose products or services need practical and technical response on the grounds of issues placed by consumers who have purchased them and use them already. In most cases the existing client base is used, i.e. their technical support has the consultation on parameters, operation, specific characteristics of a product or a service as its main goal, and in some instances this product or service is of non-standard character.

The times that we live in are dynamic, high-tech, people are busy and want to resolve an issue quickly. For this reason the technical support service (or Service Desk) is quite specific and our call centre understands this perfectly. When an inquiry comes in, it is mandatorily registered and demands a precise and timely response. The practical execution in response to the inquiry within a short period of time is a registered mark of Callboxs and, of course, speaks of the high level of service.

The experienced operators are able to respond to all and any inquiries literately and professionally, if these inquiries are placed by clients over the telephone. In case of exceptionally complex question or problems which cannot be solved in the process of conversation, a second telephone call takes place for more detailed information. In this case professionals and call operators with narrow expertise in the call centre can solve the case.

The employees at the call centre are responsible, organised, demanding, enterprising, loyal and creative. The specialists in this sector are constantly improving their skills and in this way they makes people’s daily life easier.

Choose the technical support by Callboxs; this is an effective solution for a broad range of inquiries by consumers connected with the usage of a different type of product or service. You can always rely on fast and timely assistance and quality consultancy by professionaly prepared specialists.

The proper two-way communication is in the basis of effective technical support is. Work with clients is a real challenge, because everyone has their vision on work and specific business goals. Callboxs, however, offers an individual approach for effective solutions of a specifically made inquiry. In the call centre our operators quickly process it.

Make the most of this excellent solution for optimising business processes in your company and you will successfully distribute the working time of your employees. Practically all similar issues concerning the maintenance and specific characteristics of a product or service will be overfulfilled by the operators of our call centre.

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    Callboxs provides its clients with professional assistance on the basis of permanent quality 24-hour technical support, 365 days per year.