Market research

Making market research is of primary significance for our clients because it allows one to gather data both on the development of new products or services and on their efficient sales. The business with this type of service can also find out how clients respond to their marketing efforts and the politicians – how the voters feel and what attitudes are. Since market research demands a lot of specific data within short time periods, a lot of companies and organisations assign tasks to Callboxs as outsourcing of different business proceses and conducting market research.

Market research conducted by our call centre on behalf of our clients aim at assisting the company or organisation for its correct positioning in a particular market situation. Distance calls nowadays are the most effective way to organise market research and for offering valuable information about companies and organisations. The employees at our call centre are professional experts, who achieve excellent results in this type of services.

We are in a position to provide a profitable solution for a short-term or a long-term project for market research.

In our call centre there is a special unit which gives you the possibility to focus on your main business by providing valuable information to the clients on matters including both the latest consumer preferances to goods and services and the rating indices of competitors. Nowadays information is the new petrolium. Any prospering organisation will make decision on the basis of data.

Why choose our call centre for your market research?

No matter whether it is about data gathering or about outgoing calls for market research, “problematic interview“ or research for a starting company – startup, our operators are proven experts in the search and recording of accurate replies from the demographic target group.

We can:

  • Provide excellent presentation of the product or service to consumers and to other interested parties.

  • Create appropriate strategy for market research for long-term success of the respective company or organisation.

  • Offer round-the-clock 24/7 support to the clients in any respect.

  • Reduce the total costs and stimulate optimum profits for you, as well as investment return.

We at Callboxs guarantee that you will receive the best and most effective market research at competitive prices, without compromises as to quality.

Do not forget that in today’s hyper-competitive environment marketing managers experience greater-than-ever pressure to comprehend their potential market customers and competitors.

The uses of outsourcing in case of market reserach conducted by Callboxs are:

  • Objectivity – there is an unbiased viewpoint of third parties, which guarantees the integrity of the investigation process.

  • Extended technology – the call centre uses valid knowledge about research and analyses tools. The effective market research requires modern technology for efficient data collection. Therefore outsourcing can be a positive way for achieving high standard.

  • Enhanced resource utilization – in this manner you can increase productivity and reduce costs to the utmost by assigning this type of activity to our call centre.

  • Precise accuracy – the service provided by the Callboxs call centre allows you to increase the amount of your inquiries for more accurate data. This gives you the oportunity to make more research at a lower price.

  • Speed – the partnership with Callboxs will guarantee a high degree of efficiency on your part. In this way you will have more time to concentrate on the management of your business.

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