Consultancy services

Using long experience in conjunction with continuous training of the company’s managers in various fields, Callboxs solves various tasks in various business sectors and provides qualified consultancy services. Direct communication with users as telephone consultation (problem interview) is an effective method for obtaining objective information that is applicable in practice for creating an attractive product or service. This favours the fast growth of the business.

Often clients of this type of services are companies that do not want to waste their time and energy to implement and make expert decisions, the implementation of which needs some expertise and experience. In this case, the qualified teams of Callboxs are ready to help in this direction, to choose the best technological solution for you without wasting valuable operational time.

For 20 years Callboxs has been providing a variety of consultancy services.

The list of this type of services does not include:

TRACKING – you can read more about the service here

  • BPO (Business Processes of Outsourcing);
  • KPO (Outsourcing of processes requiring knowledge and expertise);
  • market research in various fields;
  • media projects related to the transmission of media content and television programs;
  • development of projects for integrated provision of services;
  • political, sociological and cultural initiatives and campaigns;
  • customer support / communication services;
  • technical support services;
  • telemarketing services;
  • data entry services processing / data processing services;
  • bookkeeping and accounting;
  • services for processing service forms
  • business research
  • outsourcing of financial research
  • marketing services
  • outsourcing of market research

Nowadays, the levels of mobility, digitalisation and robotics, together with the new business processes, methodologies and ways of reorganization of the work processes in the organisations, are growing at an incredible rate. Adapting to this new digital world requires all of us to be fast, creative and innovative. We, at Callboxs, understand the needs of the business and we are happy to be able to help our partners and clients by rendering them highly professional consultancy services and expertise in various areas of business. Callboxs call centre provides a full range of high-tech services to meet every need of our customers. Only with us can you take advantage of the services of a certified Business Tracker. With our specialised team, you will be able to solve tasks such as: diagnostics of the company, finding “bottlenecks”, rapid extension, building business strategies for multiple growth and increasing profits, vision, together with implementation of new standards in business, etc.

Trust us if your company needs:

  • Consultancy services and business diagnostics;
  • Necessity for feedback from clients (problematic interview);
  • Organising a hotline for informing customers on various issues;
  • A campaign to inform customers about new products and services;
  • Cross selling ( Upselling, Cross selling, Upgrades);
  • Urgent need for a high level of service;

The experienced employees of Callboxs provide consultancy services at a high professional level. They will carefully analyse the current situation in order to give an optimally accurate assessment and answers; they will provide the right solutions for you in typical and extraordinary situations.

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