About us


is an innovative, rapidly-growing company in the sphere of telecommunications. For more than 29 years the Call Centre has been mainly dealing with telemarketing, with servicing clients, online commerce, client research, servicing and maintenance through e-mails/chat, BPO/KPO services, tracking, etc. For the last 6 years the company has been specialising mainly in direct sales carried out over the telephone, as well as rendering outsourcing services (BPO – Business Process Outsourcing), comprising different business srocesses, as well as KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing). Our team has been predominantly made up of young and creative emplyees, excellently managing all and any tasks, connected with campaigns for implementing new products on the market, sales, subscription, reservations, technical support, health insurance, etc.

Callboxs cooperates with leading mobile operators in Bulgaria and for more than 6 years it has been offering successful strategies and developments in carrying out online sales on the telephone, which is the most complex part in online servicing.

Callboxs call centre offers efficient solutions for managing telephone services and in this manner it performs a variety of activities in connection with servicing clients. From daily services, such as incoming and outgoing calls, service and support through e-mails/chat to resolving complex issues, the call centre provides options that are always adequate to the needs of each and every business.

Callboxs team of professionals is a team of well-trained professionals who possess critical thinking, and have mastered the secret to the successful conversation and telemarketing to the utmost.

The mission of the callboxs.com

Our mission is related to continuous improvement through the use of innovative technologies, the application of world practices, the use of modern business management methods, such as the tracking technique, which only we at Callboxs offer as a service to our customers and partners. The goal of Callboxs depends on three directions for work:

  • Quality innovative services and solutions for efficient management of the interactions with the present and potential business clients.

  • The services for incoming calls are focused mainly on increasing sales and on assisting the growth of our clients’ businesss.

  • The whole servicing in coded in three figures: 24/7/365.

Professional team in action

We can rightly say that Callboxs is an innovative and dynamic company providing non-standard solutions for service and management, and dedicated to servicing business. Our professional team has the necessary skills to plan and manage different types of services. All of us who are part of Callboxs treat work with our business partners‘ clients responsibly and with attention to detail, conducting online trainings, consulting, providing technical support, emails/chat communications, etc.

The call centre offers services at an international level. We do not work with conventional samples and scripts tedious for the clients, we approach the solution of the problems and assigned tasks creatively, manifesting imagination during their performance.

By contacting us, you will have at your disposal a whole team of experienced professionals, specially trained business trackers in accordance with a special methodology, which will help to accurately diagnose and offer the most effective solutions for rapid growth and achievement of your company’s goals. And do not forget this – the range of the activities offered by us is quite extensive.

Our employees are always ready to provide non-standard solutions and new possibilities, which are successfully applied in practice. Call us today.

At Callboxs, we have always believed that technology and people working together can generate positive change that will move the world to the next stage of development. In fact, we at Callboxs, call this partnership – the partnership of digital technologies and human spirit.