Welcome to Callboxs, the innovative BPO company that puts the customer first. Our over 15 years of experience have made us leaders in servicing and maintenance through e-mails and chat, telemarketing, online commerce, client research, BPO and KPO services. What really sets us apart from the competition is our unique approach to the new service “Business -Tracking” and our partially “Turquoise” company structure.

Our self-regulating sub-structures and management of no more than two projects per team, allow us to maintain a personal connection with our clients that larger corporations tend to lose. We understand our responsibility lies in keeping our clients’ customers happy and coming back for more. This is why we continuously develop and apply innovative approaches and methods to serve our partners’ customers better.

In these dynamic times, businesses need to react quickly and be adaptable, which is why we offer “Business -Tracking” as a service to our customers, making us one of the few companies to provide this cutting-edge solution. With a collection of techniques and methods, we help businesses find and implement successful business models in the shortest amount of time possible, allowing them to scale, grow, and run much faster towards success.

Count on us to provide unwavering support in taking your business to the next level, unlocking new horizons for scaling and growth!

Call center

Customer service through incoming and outgoing calls, chat and emails

BPO, KPO and Tracking

Complete solutions for optimizing work business processes



More sales

Increase your sales by up to 80%! We work actively on projects to increase sales through customer satisfaction, commitment and customer experience. We provide the right knowledge and tools to achieve the targets.


Fast growth and scaling

Our flexible business model offers you multiple business growth and company growth in a short time.


Lower costs

The availability of qualified trained staff is the largest financial item in the company. Solve problems with hiring, servicing and maintaining staff quickly and easily with CallBoxs.


Team of experts

We have a dream team of highly qualified specialists who will best meet the job description provided.


Workflow optimization

CallBoxs helps you optimize business processes in the field of sales and marketing of your products and services. With the help of our experts you will maintain and expand your customer base to achieve sustainable growth of the company.



Specialist in establishing the points of multiple growth in companies and finding ways to overcome the limitations. ``Great business successes are not made by one person`` Jobs needed Wozniak - you have your business Trecker.

We stand out from traditional call center and BPO companies.

At CALLBOXS, we’re not your typical BPO company. We offer a unique opportunity to outsource your business processes to Eastern Europe, and quickly begin reaping the benefits of offshoring. Our process starts with a FREE consultation, where we dive into your business needs and how our team can help you achieve your goals. With our experienced team by your side, you can trust that your business is in good hands. Don’t settle for ordinary outsourcing, choose CALLBOXS for exceptional results.

Complete range of offers to our clients

Callboxs is here to assist businesses in navigating the challenges of the post Covid-19 pandemic and the rapidly changing economy. Our team of specialists is extensively trained in our own customized programs to provide the highest level of service, including implementing the latest standards, methods, and technologies in business, such as “Business -Tracking”, the most modern method of process management. We take an individualized approach to each client to ensure efficient task performance, which ultimately leads to growth in development and income. Trust us to handle tasks not related to your core business while you save time and money, and attract and retain clients. Our unique and flexible price-formation method makes us a suitable choice for businesses of all sizes, including big corporations. At Callboxs, we offer more than just outsourcing services; we become a part of your company and follow your standards and requirements.

The full range of call centre services includes:

  • BPO/KPO services;

  • Incoming and outgoing calls;

  • E-Mail and chat support;

  • Telephone sales;

  • Digital marketing;

  • Consultancy services;

  • Online training;

  • Market research;

  • Technical support;

  • Trecking;

  • Servicing medical insurance and health services.

The call centre offers services and solutions for clients in the business fields specified below:

  • Telecommunications;

  • Information technologies;

  • Banks;

  • Insurance;

  • Commerce;

  • Finances;

  • Health care;

  • Real estate;

  • Tourism, etc.

  • Startups, etc.

Optimise your business by making the most of whole range of services and solutions that Callboxs provides. Round the clock, no day off, 365 days per year, with plans at competitive prices, which are also accessible for companies making their first steps in the world of business.

Why choose us ?

Remember these advantages, which determine the success of Callboxs call centre:

  • Professionalism;
  • Individual approach;
  • High quality of services offered;
  • Competitive price range;
  • Use of innovative technological solutions;
  • Critical thinking and fast rate of performance;
  • Creativity and Efficiency;
  • It is only with us that you can make the mosy oft he services of a Tracker;
  • Work within deadlines on the principle 24/7/365;

What our clients say about us ?

“The company has seen an improvement in their customer service with zero complaints. Plus, various clients are satisfied with the responsiveness of the team, particularly on the Facebook page. Moreover, they’ve instantly adapted to the discussed requirements, ensuring a smooth and successful process.”
“Callboxs has been highly professional since they’ve joined the project. Their collaboration with the client has been seamless and fast. Overall, the client is pleased with their performance.”
“With Callboxs’ help, the client noticed and addressed issues in their internal processes, resulting in more conversions and a 100% increase in sales. The team continues to work in a professional manner and deliver quality results. Overall, the client has had no complaints thus far.”

Professional team in action

When you partner with us, you gain access to a team of experienced BPO professionals, including specially trained business trackers who use a unique methodology to diagnose issues and offer effective solutions for achieving rapid growth and reaching your company’s goals. With an extensive range of services available, we are confident that we can provide the support your business needs.

At Callboxs, we believe in the partnership of digital technologies and the human spirit. Our team is always ready to provide non-standard solutions and new possibilities that have proven successful in practice. Contact us today and let us help move your business forward.

15 years of successful partnership with the largest telecom in Bulgaria!