Telephone sales

Sales are a fundamental part of any business. They, however, are not easy to accomplish! This is exactly why we are here! The main function of Callboxs call centre for the realisation of effective sales over the telephone. Our concept, the stages, steps and practices created in the process of telephone sales are constantly being perfected. These standards make us proud with the ever increasing number of happy clients, which is growing by the year. We carry out sales both of goods and services. The parameters are too wide: from devices, trucks, oil radiators, nitrogen fertilizers, toothpaste, cream … to training, online courses, books, etc.

The call centre offers this service for small, medium-sized and large companies and organisations by realising 2 main types of sales B2B and B2C.


B2B (Business to Business)

The first type - B2B (Business to Business) - is connected with the business market. The main participants are companies and organisations which purchase good or services and then use them for the manufacture of their own products, which they sell to the consumers.


B2C (Business to Consumer)

The second type - B2C (Business to Consumer) - is connected with the consumer market. It is about people who purchase goods or services for individual consumption.

In order for them to deal with the “telephone sales” challenge, the specialists from the call centre have passed through individual intracompany training, periodic correcting tests and role play. We know that qualified personnel is our power. Our employees try to understand emotions, thoughts and foresee actions of the people on the other side. They also try to achieve high personal results in the process of their distance work. In this sense our employees know the product and the service being sold perfectly well and they are confident in their qualities and uses.

If you are a company or an orgnisation which wants to sell products or services sales over the telephone or wishes to increase sales, Callboxs will approach this in a competent and a dedicated manner.

Our sales consultants are not only well-acquainted with the merchandise they are selling but they also show empathy. They do their best to reach sales increase and to imptove client experience. The more informed about the product they are, the better sales are realised.

For this purpose the call centre organises a special training for the employees who deal with this type of services and participate in different client companies. In this way they are acquainted in detail with the specific aspects of the product or service, the restrictions and the problems with compatibility, if any. During the training they learn how customers will accept the offers for a certain product over the telephone and how to finalise efficient sales.


These are the specific advantages that we offer:

  • We guarantee good opening calls during cold conversations in order to retain the customer’s attention.

  • Our operators personalise each and every call in case of telephone sales – they address the potential customer by their name, making a specific proposition in accordance with a definite methodology. Thus, increasing the level of comfort, they assist the build-up of trust and is of use for making a sale.

  • Communication is always two-way, which guarantees a greater increase of telephone sales. All calls are directed towards attracting interested groups of customers. The operators work professionally with each potential buyer.

The team of Callboxs call centre is nice and positive and the ultimate purpose of everyone is to leave the feeling of satisfaction and care for the customer during telephone sales, which is the main prerequisite for a positive response and purchase of the offered product or service.

Become our trusted partners for increasing the level of your sales.

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