Get to know our author’s book – a practical guide for startups and working companies that will help you realize your business idea, solve key problems in your company and scale at a fast pace using the methods and techniques of the world’s most successful companies , such as Amazon, Facebook, etc.

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    How, with the help of the book “Entrepreneur’s Guide”, will you be able to really solve the problems and tasks that now face your current or future business? Tools, methodologies and ideas presented here are common and are fundamental to any successful business. Following the system of steps and techniques for development, diagnostics and planning, you will be able to answer a lot of questions, identify the “bottlenecks” in your business and find the points of growth and scaling, you will also be able to test your business idea before investing large sums in its implementation; you will be able to check if it will be successful, to know whether to move towards its implementation. According to statistics, 98% of startups go bankrupt. Let this dream of yours not consume all your savings, so that you will not go bankrupt at the start. With the help of the methods and techniques described in the book, you will be able to be one of these 2% of successful companies, and why not be among the unicorn companies …..

    The book is written in accessible language, with the most simplified concepts, tables and diagrams. All methods and principles are extremely productive and most importantly, they are easy to apply. The book is short and straightforward. It is written to be a desktop assistant to anyone who wants to do business or is in business.
    I understand that when you start a new project or reach a dead end in your ongoing business, you do not have the finances for external consultants, trackers, mentors, etc.; they are quite expensive external specialists contributing to the growth of the company. This is why I wanted to summarise and unite the main methods and techniques of all these professions in a single system, for those who are motivated and focused but do not have the means at the moment.
    I believe that through the book and the application of the methods described in it, you will be able to expand your vision of business processes and learn to focus your attention and train your powers of observation.
    The entrepreneur is, however, a carefully focused observer. Everything we need exists, we just need to be observant enough to be able to combine all the elements together in the right structure.

    Steve Jobs did not invent anything that did not exist, he simply created connections between all the elements. If you ask a successful entrepreneur how they did something, they will feel a little guilty because they have not actually done anything, they have just noticed something that other people have not. This is because this person has experienced and seen more than others or because they have given it a lot of thinking.
    In this book I will reveal to you innovative techniques and methods applied by trackers for fast growth, scaling and diagnostics of the business. Tracking is an innovative method for developing and controlling business processes; it is not so widespread or accessible yet, but in well-developed economic countries, 98% of the largest corporations work with such specialists. They are called wizards.
    In this book I will reveal this magic for you to help yourself realize your dream.
    The most important thing you will receive from the book is knowledge and skills, through which you will build habits of observers and will be able to manage and control the process yourself, without having to pay expensive fees to external specialists.
    The Entrepreneur’s Guide book will change your entrepreneurial thinking and make you much more focused on the goals you are pursuing. It will create in you habits that will help you put your ideas to the test, diagnose problems, monitor the whole process over time, draw up strategies and plans for their implementation, so that you can react in a timely manner and influence the necessary indicators which lag behind, or those who will propel you in the ranks of those who are successful.

    You can use this book as a desktop guide; it will be your faithful ally on the road to success. It is succinct and accessible so that you can browse it when you need to recall the necessary techniques and methodologies.

    So let us roll up our sleeves and get to work. As a Buddhist proverb says
    “Finding the medicine will not cure us, we need to take it.”

    Good luck!