Why do large and successful companies use outsourcing?

We can quickly say that there are 2 reasons – cheaper and better customer service!

Nowadays, the benefit of outsourcing is visible and appreciated by companies with many years of experience and market presence. It is clear that business is a dynamic field in which to be a good player and stand out from the competition requires many qualities such as – persistence, foresight, strategic thinking, etc.
The big players in the market have long understood that the focus on the core activity/product that provides the revenue in the company is of utmost importance. For this reason, all processes accompanying the main activity slow down and waste a lot of resources and time, which slows down and sometimes deviates companies from their target trajectory.
The benefits of outsourcing various business processes to external companies are many, we will list some of them:

– Cost reduction – through your work with an outsourcing company in a country with lower wages, inevitably leads to a reduction in your labor costs.
– Qualified specialists – outsourcing companies / BPO / have well-selected and trained staff who are specialized in servicing various business processes / back office, customer service, social network service, hotline, complaints, telemarketing, etc./
– You save time – you simultaneously hire highly specialized personnel without dealing with their selection, training, salaries, vacations, dismissals, control, etc.
– Increasing the competitiveness of the company – In today’s times of abundant supply of goods/services, the fight for every customer is great. Every day, companies solve different tasks, how to attract new users and succeed in retaining their existing customers. For this reason, utmost attention is paid to customer satisfaction and creating a unique customer experience. Choosing a good outsourcing company is extremely important, because well-trained professionals can really help you provide a unique, flawless service to your customers. Regular analyzes and recommendations for process improvements will allow you to be one step ahead of your competitors by using innovative methods and technologies in these areas through the outsourcing company.
– You get a reliable partner – no one is more interested in you being successful, growing and developing at a fast pace than the outsourcing company you work with, as your success is directly proportional to their success. For this, a good outsourcing company will put all its efforts into helping you become many times more successful.

The benefits of working with an outsourcing company are multidimensional. In recent years, some of the innovative BPO companies also offer various KPO services, such as highly specialized personnel who do a detailed audit of the various business processes in the companies and prepare a plan-map for strategic development, expansion of “bottlenecks”, discovery of the point of growth and prepare a business plan for exponential growth and scaling. They regularly monitor the fulfillment of the prescriptions and expertly advise the first persons in the companies, through consultations and various educational coaching sessions.

We at Callboxs are proud to be the only company in Bulgaria with innovative know-how in the field of KPO services and successfully apply methodologies for rapid growth and scaling of companies.
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