What BPO services and Call Center services mean. Differences

In today’s digital and innovative times, more and more foreign words and abbreviations are taking place in our dictionary. Today we will focus on two of our main services and explain to you what business process outsourcing is and how it differs from the call center. Although many BPO functions are performed using a call center, the opposite is not necessarily true and both have their own characteristics that need to be emphasized in order to distinguish the two.

BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing and is the process of hiring another company, mostly overseeing to conduct business operations for you. These operations or activities can be varied and can include finance, administration, HR functions, call center, customer service, payroll and many other activities. Business process outsourcing is usually preferred by companies to save and reduce costs, as well as to hire professionals and experts. Increasingly, BPO companies in Bulgaria have become successful partners, as they provide reliable and efficient services to companies from the West at much lower prices with much higher quality and staff knowledge. It is financially more convenient for foreign companies to outsource some of their operations to BPO companies in Bulgaria than to hire local employees, who turn out to be more expensive.

Call center is a centralized office, used mainly for receiving and transmitting information and troubleshooting, communicating with customers by phone, chat and emails. Call center is used for product maintenance and to solve customer requests. The business is carried out by phone only in the case of a call center. Employees sit on separate computers in a call center and manage incoming and outgoing calls. These conversations can relate to telemarketing, generating surveys, customer support, accepting orders and many other features.

Thus, BPO performs one or more operations of any other foreign company, and the foreign company uses these services to save costs or increase productivity. On the other hand, the call center performs that part of any business that requires call processing. In a sense, the call center is a BPO organization. However, a BPO company may or may not have a call center because there are BPO organizations that handle work that is done through websites without the need for phone lines.

BPO is a much broader term, encompassing many more functions besides working with a call center. There are BPO organizations providing administrative services, financial services, etc. that do not have call centers. The call center is a voice-based system, while BPO performs a wide variety of functions in addition to processing telephone calls.