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Innovative Outsourcing.

The subject of consideration of innovative outsourcing are the innovative processes of functioning of outsourcing companies and structures.

The author's concept of Callboxs for innovative outsourcing and acceleration implies the transformation of the scientific consideration of its main function: from passive - executive, providing support for business processes that are not essential for customers - in one of the forms of innovative activity that allows large-scale support both basic and ancillary trade processes and projects using innovative tools and methodologies.

This approach defines the perspective of studying innovative outsourcing as an integrative activity, including outsourcing and innovative components in terms of new forms, types, directions and scope of applications. It also makes it possible to expand the scope of the practical implementation of outsourcing and to use it as one of the key tools for improving the efficiency of project implementation and commercial support of business processes.

The aim of innovative outsourcing is to achieve a synergistic effect in trade, management, technical, technological and other areas of economic activity.

The transition from the traditional direction of outsourcing to innovative dictates the need for management, structural, technological and other transformations in the internal and external environment of the outsourcing companies. In particular, this can manifest itself in a clustered form of organization.

The innovative direction of development and dynamics of the modern market, the digitalization of the economy, as well as the expansion of the range of points for outsourcing, have updated the need to change its traditional types and forms into innovative ones. The practical application of the updated concept of innovative outsourcing will help to expand the possibilities for its use in various sectors of the national economy, as well as to develop the innovative direction of the economy.

The research and data from our practice in the provision of BPO services have shown the strong need to provide innovative services, as well as mandatory diagnostics and analysis of business processes of each client. The individual approach, based on specific data from analysis and diagnostics, allows us to develop an individual strategy for the specific needs of each client, discover the growth point of the company and its faster scaling and optimization.

The use of proprietary, innovative programs for BPO services / outsourcing of business processes / allows us to improve the competitiveness of our customers by creating and implementing individual approaches in their business processes.

Callboxs is successfully developing its strategy and working entirely to create innovative acceleration outsourcing.

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