20 years in business

On September 14, we celebrated 20 years in business as a company mainly engaged in telemarketing, customer service, online commerce and email / chat support / administrative support, BPO/KPO /. Our journey began nearly two decades ago and has grown into a fast-growing company with a team of professionals who help our customers succeed through quality customer service, increased sales and customer research.

Undoubtedly, the business climate has changed dramatically in the last 20 years, including us. We imposed many flexible working conditions and partnerships, and it was mainly in time to meet the needs of the business, always in step with new technological solutions and innovations.

With the entry of the next 20 years, we continue to adapt by offering products and services that meet the constantly evolving innovative landscape and the requirements of the modern consumer. Websites are not only a major marketing channel for companies, but are becoming a major source through which consumers interact with business. With global digitalization, companies are literally “suffocating.” The influx and customer service is not an easy task, which has become a key factor for business growth.

In this regard, CallBoxs moves into the next era of our company as we remain focused on the overall customer service of our customers. In fact, what we offer our customers is time. More time to produce their products and services and more time to increase sales. What we take on are the business processes between production and sales. We help our clients during the difficulties they encounter, during their development, saving them the need for staff search, training and additional space until they manage to significantly reduce their costs and free up time even for themselves. We also offer complete outsourcing business processes, the so-called BPO / KPO services.

What has kept us at the top for so many years as an adaptive company to the modern and combinatorial world is our constant striving to provide unique services, to learn, improve and be visionaries in business. That is why we are the first company to implement trekking as a service on the Bulgarian market.

Now is the time to thank all our employees, who are close to us and with their support and help we have the chance to celebrate our 20th anniversary! Success that was possible thanks to the support of our customers who believe and trust our products and services, and our amazing team.