Choosing an outsourcing call center.

Choosing an outsourcing call center for solving business tasksю The question “how to choose the right call center” is quite common in business circles. The possibilities of the modern outsourcing call center are diverse. Some of them allow solving dozens of business tasks of clients, others help to optimize the costs and operation of current […]


Digital Awareness – Build your digital identity

Build your digital identity and increase audience engagement through targeted content marketing programs. Having a digital brand means mapping the availability of your target audience on the right platforms. It is therefore essential to have a digital presence in the target channel. It’s no secret that social media is an ideal digital strategy for promoting […]


Financial Services Outsourcing or why banking institutions increasingly trust external companies?

The economic crisis is also being felt in the financial sector, so it is no surprise that it is one of the worst hit worldwide. To survive, companies must respond quickly, flexibly, and rearrange their priorities fundamentally. In other words, they have to cut hundreds of employees and tighten their belts to the absolute minimum. […]


What BPO services and Call Center services mean. Differences

In today’s digital and innovative times, more and more foreign words and abbreviations are taking place in our dictionary. Today we will focus on two of our main services and explain to you what business process outsourcing is and how it differs from the call center. Although many BPO functions are performed using a call […]


Technical Support Outsourcing

We specialize in performing and improving business processes related to the activities of our clients and partners – outsourcing of business processes, with the help of our modern contact center. We work in a high-tech environment, which allows us to use various communication channels such as telephone, email, chatbot, voice messaging and more. These advantages […]


Case Study – Как трекингът помогна на наш клиент

Какво е трекинг и какви задачи ни помага да решим? Трекингът е иновативна методология,чрез която се откриват „тесните” места в бизнеса, бърз растеж на приходите и мащабиране на компаниите посредством тестиране на краткосрочни качествени хипотези и внедраване на иновативни подобрения на база данни. Също така посредством диагностиката на трекингът се определят стратегии за подобряване/създаване на […]



Here are five powerful reasons to outsource we can give you. And not only. We can offer you the best way to do it! Try our new outsourcing services today! Fast Results Tech companies can run full channel operations without the need to take on and manage their own channel team from the outset. The […]


The benefits of outsourcing customers service

We equip clients with the facilities, people, processes, and modern omnichannel technologies that build value across every interaction on all channels. Considering the fast industries digitalization, the need for companies to build meaningful connections with their customers is much greater. Thus at CALLBOXS we aim to provide exceptional customer care and focus on every customer […]


Ways to Cut Business Costs.

The development of the business in the conditions of economic stagnation requires a strict economic policy within the company. One of the best ways to do this is to optimize staff costs. There are several ways to reduce costs for employees, even fewer are solutions that help make the business mobile. Outsourcing and outstaffing are […]


What is BPO (business process outsourcing) ?

Why is business process outsourcing important for dealing with the problems of the New Era? The digitalization of the world requires a number of changes in the way of serving customers around the world and puts the business in front of great challenges and vicissitudes, which gives rise to the need for outsourced business processes […]