How to increase revenue in healthcare.

Outsourcing can help healthcare by reducing costs, increasing efficiency, improving quality of care and freeing up resources to provide better medical treatments. By outsourcing services such as IT, billing and coding, patient scheduling and appointment management, finance and accounting tasks or even entire departments such as administrative functions or marketing efforts healthcare organizations can free […]


The role of outsourcing in increasing the efficiency of companies.

Why large companies are abandoning the use of outsourcing services in the mecca of the BPO industry – India, Philippines, Pakistan, etc. Customer focus, reputation and trust marketing. With the development of digital technologies, increasing competition and abundance of goods and services on offer, it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract the attention of consumers. […]


Top 5 trends for business development in 2023

Trends in business development in 2023. through the eyes of futurists – To succeed in the present, it is important to see the future. Of course, now it is difficult to talk and even think about the future, especially to determine development trends. However, global trends will not go anywhere: the American Forbes has already […]


Why do large and successful companies use outsourcing?

We can quickly say that there are 2 reasons – cheaper and better customer service! Nowadays, the benefit of outsourcing is visible and appreciated by companies with many years of experience and market presence. It is clear that business is a dynamic field in which to be a good player and stand out from the […]


Maximize profit through outsourcing.

Innovative Outsourcing. The subject of consideration of innovative outsourcing are the innovative processes of functioning of outsourcing companies and structures. The author’s concept of Callboxs for innovative outsourcing and acceleration implies the transformation of the scientific consideration of its main function: from passive – executive, providing support for business processes that are not essential for […]


Choosing an outsourcing call center.

Choosing an outsourcing call center for solving business tasksю The question “how to choose the right call center” is quite common in business circles. The possibilities of the modern outsourcing call center are diverse. Some of them allow solving dozens of business tasks of clients, others help to optimize the costs and operation of current […]


Digital Awareness – Build your digital identity

Build your digital identity and increase audience engagement through targeted content marketing programs. Having a digital brand means mapping the availability of your target audience on the right platforms. It is therefore essential to have a digital presence in the target channel. It’s no secret that social media is an ideal digital strategy for promoting […]


Financial Services Outsourcing or why banking institutions increasingly trust external companies?

The economic crisis is also being felt in the financial sector, so it is no surprise that it is one of the worst hit worldwide. To survive, companies must respond quickly, flexibly, and rearrange their priorities fundamentally. In other words, they have to cut hundreds of employees and tighten their belts to the absolute minimum. […]


What BPO services and Call Center services mean. Differences

In today’s digital and innovative times, more and more foreign words and abbreviations are taking place in our dictionary. Today we will focus on two of our main services and explain to you what business process outsourcing is and how it differs from the call center. Although many BPO functions are performed using a call […]


Technical Support Outsourcing

We specialize in performing and improving business processes related to the activities of our clients and partners – outsourcing of business processes, with the help of our modern contact center. We work in a high-tech environment, which allows us to use various communication channels such as telephone, email, chatbot, voice messaging and more. These advantages […]